Thursday, December 22, 2011

Recreation & Leisure in Sanfrancisco

Boating / Sailing, San FranciscoSailing is a huge sport in San Francisco. We have all kinds of races and regattas. It's February now, too early for sailing season, so most of the boats are moored in the marina, awaiting the start of... 

Water Sports, San FranciscoWhen we took a boat tour out toward the Golden Gate Bridge, we noticed tons of guys windsurfing in the area. You can head over to the Presidio area to rent the gear or even do it from the Berkeley... 

Snow Sports, San FranciscoWent there on a Monday evening and despite the fact that I am super clumsy on ice, had a lot of fun. :-) Skates were comfortable, rink was spacious, music was good. There were not too many people,... 

We rented bikes in order to cover Golden Gate Park and the coast without having to rent a car. Surprisingly, after 10 years, I still knew how to pedal! We... 

Lawn Bowling, San FranciscoThe San Francisco Lawn Bowling Club was founded in 1901 and claims to be the oldest municipal lawn bowling club in the USA. Bowlers must wear all white while on... 

Spectator sports in Sanfrancisco

 1.SF Giants--Baseball Team

SBC Park, home of the Giants, from the outfield. This might be the most beautiful stadium in the USA, and it's right on the water too. Baseball season is from April through September, but you can get into the stadium any time of the year. Either pay for a tour, or get into the outfield bleachers for free, as I did. And, bring the kids too-they have a couple of baseball themed playgrounds-including in the big Coke bottle.

2. SF 49ers--American Football Team

The 49ers are San Francisco's professional football team in the NFL. The NFL season starts in September and ends in January.

Candlestick Park is one of the historic and more well known stadiums in the United States. Built in the late 1950's, it was designed to withstand the harsh wind and cold of the Bay area. That plan failed though and Candlestick became widely known for it's wild winds and blistering cold. 

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Outdoof Activity Reflections

Nature always gives us comfort. It never betrays us unless we overuse them. Outdoor activity of session 2 was sort of outlet of routine and it was so enjoyable. I hope it will go on through session 3 as well, yeah~.
Below is a photo from Igidae.
We went to UN Cemetery in the first week of outdoor.
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